“we will not satisfied with grey average way, we perceive differences in old way production and innovates professional done formats.”


Youngs multimedia is division, with production of new multimedia formats. We follow international trends and bring project with additional value. Nowadays is necessarily to own good looking layout of your web page. We will prepare for you micro page or either more complicated portal and e-shop too. Also we would like to offer you work of our professional team for social networks and design process. Thanks to our long-time work experiences we can manage for you also over standard medial presentation and make your media space more effective.

We will manage for you multimedia presentation

web pages

micro pages


broadcasts spots

music production and post-production

music videos and presentations

animations and interactive presentations

social network communications

mobile applications

flash banners

Do you want innovative communication of your brand?


Youngs entertainment is event marketing division for production of suitable marketing strategy for your brand. We work with excitement , potential, emotions and with precise well done dramaturgy program. It is a challenge for us to create diverse scenario full of new ideas.


YOUNGS people is monitoring talented persons all the time. They are special for us and gifted with big talent and we help them to use it in effective way. We know how the talent can be important and for this reason we try to bring it in wide marketing concept right to you.


YOUNGS design žije 24 hodín v grafickej predstave klienta. Navrhneme vám jedinečné riešenia podľa najnovších trendov. Ak sa to všetko spojí s talentom, výsledok vám určite zaručí odozvu. YOUNGS design má pre veci cit.